Michael Winstone

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For over twenty years Michael Winstone has worked within the digital domain. His work embraces a wide range of digital media, including, 2D, 3D, 4D, time-based installation and interactive video animation.

He has used various 3D volume rendering programs for mathematical visualization of fractal forms which can be translated into volumetric art.

These simple fractal forms are repeated to create complex structures that have self-similarity in texture and shape. GPS coordinates, place and title each work of art.

His art examines the human body within the context of the family structure, it's relationship with nature and in particular the anatomy of trees and their architecture. It identifies the space they coexist in and the questions that are raised from that union.

Michael Winstone has exhibited in the UK and internationally. His permanent public works include; 41º40'00”N 00º54'30”W. ES, Expo Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain. N1-53-32-8:132º42'.34º45'.JA, Takamiya, Hiroshima, Japan. IGN.185: iv.269.904, Coto Redondo, Pontevedra, Spain. SPORTS DAY, Gateshead, England. WAITING FOR LUNCH, Grizedale Forest, Cumbria, UK.

He was born in Toronto in 1958. He grew up on the Isle of Wight and studied Fine Art at Leeds Polytechnic and Sculpture at the Royal Collage of Art. For the past 10 years his studio practice has been based in Madrid Spain.